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God is the true poet, I am just his pen.
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Gloria Collins, 
webmaster and poet.
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about the poet


here you will find a section, dedicated to my 16 year old son Lane, who is Autistic,
ADHD, and Bi-polar. and his teddy bear Gabby, who is also his best friend.
  I am writing some short stories based on his view point of their adventures. 
and some poems I have written about  autism, and living with some one who has it,
taking care of special needs children can be very stressful ,but well worth it.
our life has not been easy, but seeing his eyes light up and the smile on his face,
makes it all worthwhile 


 Lost and found                 

Best Friends               

A Trip To The Zoo            

Lane and Gabby              

Special Needs                  

stolen by autism
Why Won't The Pieces Fit A Trip To The Beach  

       New Poems

I have a over 600 poems on here.
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its a little long ,so grab a chair and some Kleenex's.


magnolia lane
 "where love and the magnolia blossoms bloom"
a generational love story
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