A Trip To The Beach

Itís the beginning of a long hot summer 
and lane has just finished summer school.
He is so excited that he will finally get to go to the beach, 
because he has never been before.
Mommy and daddy said they would take him, 
the first week end after summer school.
And here it was that week end, 
lane woke up early he grabbed gabby by the hand and said,
come on gabby lets get mommy and daddy up, 
so we can get this day started.
gabby just smiled that smile of herís and held on tight to lane, 
as he ran down the hall,
to the bedroom where they were sleeping,

mommy ,daddy lane called out very loud, 
wake up it's time to go to the beach.
Mommy opened her eyes and said it's very early lane.
lane giggled and jumped into the bed with them, 
along with gabby. I know he said but gabby
could not sleep ,oh i see said mommy as she tickled him ,
so it's Gabby's fault is it.
Lane just giggled all the louder, 
then he jumped down and said, yes now hurry, 
she wants to go. And off he ran down the hallway 
holding Gabby tightly in his arms

they got back to Lanes room 
and he sat Gabby on the bed, 
as he looked thru his dresser drawers
for his swim suit, here it is he said, 
then he grabbed his book bag 
and put a change of clothes in it,
he ran to his bathroom and grabbed 2 towels ,
here we go Gabby he said, 
one for me and one for you.
Then he put Gabbyís swim suit on, 
and he picked her up and said, 
we are going to have a wonderful time.
Gabby smiled that smile of her's 
and off they went to the kitchen to eat breakfast,
Lane ate a bowl of fruit loops and kept saying, 
come on lets go ,mommy said, 
we will son just be patient. 
Then daddy came in and said, 
ok the car is all loaded, 
letís get going before Lane drives me crazy, 
then he laughed.

all the way there Lane kept saying ,how much longer daddy ,
and daddy always replied, not much longer son,
just take it easy and enjoy the ride, lane stared out the window 
and pretty soon he started to see water.
he grabbed gabby up and said, 
look gabby isn't it beautiful?
you are going to love it ,
and so am I ,and he gave her a big hug,
mommy said, now remember lane,
 gabby can't go in the water, 
she will get all soggy and wet and it will mess
up her fur, you will have to leave her on shore ,
gabby thought to herself ,
I hope i don't get lost ,she almost
started to cry, then mommy said, but don't worry, 
lane I won't let anything happen to her.
That made gabby feel so much better

Finally they pulled into a parking area and daddy said, 
now you make sure you don't wander off lane.
The water is a dangerous place 
when you don't know how to swim, 
so make sure you wear your life jacket.
i will daddy i promise ,and i won't wander off. 
now can we just go please, 
daddy laughed and said, ok son come on.
 and down to the beach they went, 
when lane saw the water he looked at gabby and said, 
look gabby, it is beautiful.
then he hugged her real tight and said, 
we are going to have so much fun, and don't be scared ok?

mommy sat up a big umbrella, 
and laid a blanket on the sand under it, 
and daddy put a big cooler filled with sandwiches,
and drinks under the umbrella too, mommy said 
come here lane and let me put some sun block on you.
ok said lane ,then can we get in the water, 
daddy laughed and said yes son ,then we can get in the water.
Mommy said ok, now you stay where you can see daddy, 
ok i will said lane and then daddy and lane turned to leave.
Lane turned back and said, keep an eye on gabby, 
don't let anyone take her, because she will be so scared.
Gabby smiled at him with that beautiful smile of her's, 
as mommy said doesnít worry i will keep her safe.

gabby felt so safe there with mommy ,
she knew she would be alright, 
so she laid there watching lane play
in the water, she must have drifted off to sleep, 
because she woke up and looked around ,
where was mommy?
She looked out to the water, oh no she cried, 
where is lane, she couldn't see him anywhere, 
she was about to get
scared when all of a sudden. She saw lane, 
whew she thought to her self, i knew he wouldn't leave me.
a few minutes latter mommy came back, 
and lane and daddy came out of the water 
and sat down under the umbrella.
lets eat said daddy ,yeah chimed in lane i am starving, 
mommy laughed the water must have made you two hungry
Yes it did said lane, we are starving, 
and then he picked up gabby and said, the water is so much fun gabby,
you would love it, Gabby smiled at him with that smile of her's 
and he hugged her tight.

After they ate, and then played in the water for a while, 
daddy said it's time to go home, canít we stay longer begged lane?
Sorry son said daddy, but it's a long ride home, 
weíll come back another day, ok said lane very disappointedly.
And he helped gather every thing up to take it to the car, 
making sure gabby was the first thing he picked up.
And they headed for home. Lane started to yawn a little, 
halfway home. He hugged gabby tight and said
this was a fun day gabby wasn't it and gabby smiled at him, 
as she thought to herself, it was a great day.
then she snuggled close to him and the two of them drifted off to sleep,
mommy looked in her rear view mirror and smiled, 
she knew they were probably dreaming up
their next adventure .

the end

written and copy righted by
Gloria Collins