A wedding wish from mama

My little girl is getting married and oh how proud I am,
And I can see from heaven ,that Lacy's quite a man.

I'll watch you walk to meet him and place your hand in his,
Oh what a heavenly moment, this blessed union is.

You've grown to be a woman, a beautiful bride you'll be,
If a tear falls down from heaven, just know it comes from me.

It's not a tear of sorrow, but one that comes from love,
Just to let you know, that I'm watching you from above.

So walk my darling daughter, go now and meet your groom,
For the angels are singing in heaven and the roses are in bloom.

My wish for you my darling ,on this very special day,
Is for you to know you're loved, in a very special way.

written for my youngest sister
Lydia Bozeman 
On her  upcoming wedding day
Being a mother and knowing my own mothers heart's
Desire, for her children I know this is what she would
Have said if she could.
We love you sis

   by Gloria Collins    3/29/2006