Talking With Teddy

I love you teddy and I'm so happy that you're here
I am never afraid when I can hold you near.
why does mommy hurt me ? I really wish I knew,
I don't seem to make her happy, no matter what I do.
mommy says that I'm a bad boy and gives me a great big slap,
she says it because of me that my daddy's never coming back.

I'm glad I have you teddy, to tell my troubles too,
cause at least you love me teddy and I'm so happy that you do.
I wish that mommy loved me and I wish daddy would come back.
then maybe she'd be happy, and she wouldn't give me a slap.
I'm so scared sometimes teddy so I hide under my bed.
sometimes she gets so mad, she says she wishes I was dead.

we got to be quite now teddy, cause she's coming down the hall,
and if she hears me up, well she won't like that at all
so just hold me really tight teddy and never let me go,
and promise you won't tell, she said no one should ever know.
so lets just go to sleep and hope Jesus hears my prayers,
because I think that you and him are the only one who cares.

If it wasn't for you teddy what ever would I do,
you are my best friend teddy and I'm so happy to have you.

By Gloria Collins