Poetry By Gloria                                                         


I have a little brother, who I think is neat,
From the top of his head, to the soles of his feet.
He's a tiny little thing, a lot smaller then me,
I'm his big brother but I'm only three.

My mommy lets me hold him, if I'm sitting down,
She says in a few more months, he'll be crawling around.
Right now he sleeps a lot so I have to be quite,
Mommy says sometimes I sound as noisy as a riot.

I think it will be great, to be his big brother,
To laugh and to play and love one another.
Some people don't get that chance like we have,
But I know I'll love him even if sometimes he's bad.

So I am praying dear Jesus ,please help me to be,
A good brother to him ,though I'm only three.
I promise to love him and teach him to pray,
This is my prayer that I'm praying today.

By Gloria Collins