Poetry By Gloria                                      


Clocks, clocks there's all kinds,
Big ones, little ones or special designed.
They tell time all over the world, every size and every kind.

There are big bens, little Ben's,  Rolex  and Timex.
Grandfather, kitchen, shower, and flip text.
They come in any color you can think,

They will even match your kitchen sink.
What a unique thing ,this thing called clock,
What would happen if they all stopped ?

Would time for us just stand still ?
Or just keep on rolling down the hill ?
I like a clock beside my bed.

Where I can see it if I lift my head.
I see it with the morning sun
And every night when the day is done.


Art work by
Creddy's world

I did this poem for a Neice of mine
who wanted a poem about clocks for school

  by Gloria Collins--2005