Hi God
Is it really true that you live way up there in the sky
Mama says that's heaven's beautiful and we'll see you by and by.

She says if I'm good and always keep you in my heart
One day we'll all be together and no one can tear us apart.

I promised her I'd be good and that sure did made her glad
Cause since we lost my daddy she's been awful sad.

She says that daddy's with you and he can see us smile,
But I was wondering God, how far is heaven, is it a lot of miles.

Mama said you had a son named Jesus and he gave his life for me.
And I should say my prayers every day and be as good as I can be.

She said one day your son would come and take us home
And then my daddy he won't have to feel so all alone.

Well God, mama said it's time for me to go to bed
But will you please tell my daddy everything I said.

And tell him that I love and I  miss him every day
So I guess I'll go now God, cause that's all I got to say.


P. S ....and God I love you too

Hopefully this will help some child 
Deal with the death of a parent
I Tried to write this as if it was
from the heart of a child

By Gloria Collins ....8-23=06     Photo stock.xchng.com