he simply called it the resting place, his cyber home for all to see
it was the most beautiful places in cyber land, that you'd ever want to be

he gave a lot to this old world and god gave him a special gift,
 he wrote a lot of music ,that gave so many a spiritual lift

god gave ken's a final call ,on an October afternoon.
and for all of us that knew him, the call was way to soon

so ken we will miss you, how we wished that you could have stayed
but we know that god has promised ,we'll meet again someday.

you're memory we will cherish your songs and poems and cyber home too.
so although we have to say so long my friend, we will always remember you.

so as you leave your cyber resting place, for you're eternal one in the sky,
just know one day, we'll meet you once again, in heaven by and by.

written for a fellow artist and cyber friend
Kenneth Ferguson

poem written & copyrighted 
Gloria Collins

song playing is called 
" he'll take you there "
is written and copyrighted the late
kenneth ferguson
from the resting place
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