I didn't have an earthly father that I could call my own
But I had a loving mother who made for me a home.

Her arms would hold me tender, in a sweet, loving embrace.
And I can still remember that smile upon her beautiful face.

She was the greatest mother, any girl could ever have
And when the Lord called her home ,it made me very sad.

But she had told me about a man, who's name was Jesus Christ.
And she said if you are ever in trouble, he can make it right.

he said that God The Father, he truly loved his son
But he had to sacrifice him, for the sins of everyone.

She said that God was the Father, that I never felt I had,
And that he loved his children ,even when they were bad.

And that all you had to do, is get on your knees and say,
Oh Gracious Father up in Heaven, forgive my sins today.

I really miss my mama but someday I know that I will see
That beautiful place called Heaven, where God and mama wait for me.


by Gloria Collins 3/29/2006 ------- HOME