Are You Married But A Stranger

Are you married but a strange to your husband or your wife
Do you argue all the time is your life so filled with strife.
Is the fire that you felt burning deep inside your soul,
Flickering and dieing till you feel so empty and cold.
Do you look into their face and wonder who they are
And wonder to yourself ,how did we get this far.

You used to think the sun, rose and set in them
You used to feel ,they were your lover and your friend.
Now when you look at them ,a stranger's all you see
And you wonder to yourself ,dear Lord how can this be.
How can you think you know someone and find that isn't true.
You've spent years with a stranger, now what are you going to do

Just think about the reasons, that you married them at all.
Think about the day you met and with them in love you did fall
Take some time and talk to them ,don't let life get in your way
Rekindle that old fire, make it burn bright, like it did that first day
So if you're married but a stranger to your husband or your wife
Just reintroduce yourself and get on with your life.