Mary's child
(our Lord and savior)

this world was saved by one little child,
the virgin Mary's son, born so meek and mild.
in a dimly lit stable, on a cold winters night,
while the animals looked on, at the amazing site.

he led a common life, but still was called a king,
with the spilling of his blood, salvation he did bring.
he was called a teacher but never had a degree,
he was called a healer and made the blind to see.

he made the lame to walk, with the touch of his hand,
he was loved by so many, yet had enemies thru out the land.
so this Christmas day, think back to that night,
where a star from heaven, shone down on earth so bright.

and think of that mother and think of her child,
lying in her arms so meek and so mild.
he came to this world, to die for our sins,
and that my friend, is where Christmas begins.

not from a fat guy, all dressed in red,
or eight tiny reindeers, pulling his sled.
so kneel down tonight and give thanks to the king,
for peace on the earth and salvation he brings.

Happy Birthday Dear Jesus
and to all a good night

written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins