My best friend

God has given me a friend, she is a wonderful treasure
true friendship is not something you can really measure

it a feeling that comes from within the heart
if its true youíll know it right from the start.

People come into your life and you think they are your friends
but it wasnít ment to be and those relationships must end

but ours my friend has lasted and Iím so glad that fact is true
Iím so happy when I ask for a friend, that god sent me one like you.

Someday we will get to meet I know my prayers will be heard.
God has promised that it will happen and Iíll stand upon his word

so hereís to you my bestest friend, for you truly are a treasure
and you can count upon my friendship even in the stormiest weather

For my best friend
Carrie kinyon

 for being my friend

poem written
and copyrighted
Gloria Collins