Forever Friends

Forever friends that's what we'll be,
Just you and me, I hope you see.
you've been there for me, thru the miles,
Thru the tears and thru the smiles.

Forever Friends, that's what they'll see,
when they look at you and look at me.
we're two of a kind that's why we met,
on that wonderful thing, called cyber net.

I wrote to you, then you wrote to me,
Forever Friends we were ment to be.
The lord looked down and said what a pair,
And to your site he sent me there.

I surfed around your cyber place,
And soon they tears ran down my face.
The words I read ,were like my own,
And then I knew, I wasn't alone.

Someone else had felt my pain,
you and I ,we are the same.
so here's to you ,my Forever Friend,
And a friendship that will never end.

For my Best 
And Forever Friend
I love you girl

  by Gloria Collins 

The flower tube is from Angelkeeper Designs