She has a voice so lovely, she sings for her Lord,
Such a beautiful sound, it can not be ignored.
Her music is so awesome ,it comes right from her soul,
I love to listen to it every day, it never does grow old.

The Lord he gave her , this very special gift,
And when you're feeling down, it will give you a lift.
 Nothing  is more beautiful, then to hear my dear friend sing,
I  love to sit and listen, such happiness to me it brings.

Yes I  love to hear her music ,it's truly music of the soul,
And to watch her sing it, she stands so proud and bold.
So here's to her my dearest friend ,happiness to me she brings.
Each and every time, I hear her sweet voice sing.

by Gloria Collins

For My Dearest And Best Friend 
I Love You Girl

  the song that is playing is
( what do you want me to do  )
its  is written & copy righted
and sang by Carrie


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