On A white Horse He'll Ride

The sky will begin to rumble ,and the clouds they will part,
And there will be the one, that lives here in my heart.
My Mighty Lord and Savior, on a white horse he will ride,
He's coming back to earth, for to claim his bride.


On a white horse he will come to take us all away
And it can't be soon enough, for I'm longing for that day.
The signs they are all here, that Jesus' coming it is near
And if your heart is pure, then there will be is no need to fear.

Oh what a glorious meeting, in the sky it's going to be,
The day that my sweet Jesus, on a white horse, returns for me.
I want to hear the trumpet sound and see the beautiful angels in the air
For I know in the midst of then, my sweet Jesus will be there,


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