Santa And The Lord

Santa clause said thank you Lord for sharing with me your day,
although I bring them toys each year, it's to you my Lord they pray.
For I am just your servant and I try to shed good cheer,
but to you my Lord they share their heartache and their tears.

I don't try to take the glory, because my lord that goes to you,
For all the things you've done and for all the things you'll do.
so although they write to me and ask for present's for me to bring,
it's you my lord that is their king and to you their voices sing.

peace on earth good will to men, heaven and earth does ring,
God sent down to earth a king and salvation is what he brings.
so tonight I bow to you dear lord ,and thank you for all you've done,
and for letting this old Santa clause share the birthday of god's son.

written by
Gloria Collins
Dec. 2006