some hearts never mend

mama you left us here, seven years ago
and no words can tell you how I miss you so
some say that it's been seven years, and my heart it should heal.
but mama they don't know the hurt, that my heart inside still feels
who are they to judge me and tell me when I should mend,
mama you were my life, my mother and my friend.

to go on without you, has been the hardest thing, I ever had to do
there will never come a day, that I won't think of you.
the day you had to leave, I wanted to cry please stay,
but deep inside my heart I knew, you didn't want to live that way.
I know that going to heaven ,was something you dreamed about,
and I know that you are there ,of that I have no doubt.

one day I know the time will come, when God calls me up above
so just know my sweet mama, that you we're truly loved.
so I really don't care, if others think my heart should mend,
for mama a part of it will stay broken, right up to the very end.
so fly for now my beautiful angel,spread your wings and fly so high.
for one day we'll meet again in heaven's sweet by and by.

written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins
Dec 29th 2007
in loving memory of my mama
Agnes Reynolds