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special needs

The doctors they Say heís a special needs child
but I just know he makes my life worth while

the days can be trying and the nights can be long
but he likes me to read to him, or sing him a song

sometimes I think, lord I donít know if I can do this,
then his tiny little face smiles and he gives me a kiss.

some folks say
,at your age you could be carefree
but I think to myself ,without me where would he be

this ole world can be a dark scary place
I think of all the trails he must face.

The years ahead of him, may be bumpy and long
I pray that life donít steer him wrong.

special needs they may call it but heís my baby boy.
and he fills my life with wonder and joy.

written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins

written for my son lane
who has a.d.h.d ,autism,
o.c.d and o.d.d