Tear Stained Eyes

Today as I looked into the mirror, a little girl I thought that I did see
She had little tear stained eyes they were looking back at me
I turned around so quickly, I wanted to take her in my arms
And tell her it would be ok, I'd protect her from all harm.
But the room it was empty, I looked all around to see,
When I looked back in the mirror, all I could see was me.

Who was that precious little one and I wondered where did she go
She looked kind of familiar ,was she somebody that I know
I finally settled down and got ready to go to bed
But those little tear stained eyes, kept running through my head
I tossed and turned all night but sleep it did not come
And I was still awake, in the early morning sun.

I stumbled to the bathroom sink, to wash my sleepy eyes
And as I looked up in the mirror, I saw her tear stained eyes
I stood there oh so still and said please, sweet little one
Won't you talk to me and tell me what I've done
She said you left me long ago, you blocked me out of your mind
And I 've  been waiting for you to return, for such a very, long, time.

Then I reached out and held her and said I'm sorry little one
It wasn't me that hurt you ,but he's paying for what he done
So rest my precious little one, you'll never again be alone
I'll place you in my heart and there you'll be at home.
The bad man can never hurt you ,my little one don't you see
We're all grown up now little one ,cause little one, you were me.

written by --Gloria Collins
10- 9-2006

When a person is sexually abused
As a small child they hide the pain
Away for years, but one day that child inside
Comes out and needs to be comforted
And taught to understand that they were
The victim ,and what happened to them
Was the abuser's fault not thier's

   by Gloria Collins