10 years we've been friends

For almost ten years now you have been my friend,
Our friendship seems like its been forever I hope it never ends.

I called you up on the day my sweet mother died,
You comforted me and you listened while I cried.

You have been there for me thru good times and bad,
You assure me it will get better on the days that I'm sad.

You  my friend are just like a sister to me,
And thru this little poem I hope that you will see.

That your my light in the darkness showing me the way,
Your the sun that warms me on a bright summer day.

you are my friend and my sister all rolled up together,
And I know that you'll be there no matter the weather.

 I want you to know that I love you with all of my heart,
And what God binds together nobody can part.

For my dearest friend
Mary Edwards

By Gloria Collins--8/12/06                HOME