When she was just a little girl she used to go to church and pray
But then when she grew older ,she let the devil lead her astray

He promised her a life of fun, one full of drugs and sex and other sin
She felt so unworthy of the lords love, so to the devil she gave in

For twelve long years his grip was tight and in her soul she felt such pain.
She knelt in prayer and pleaded, oh Lord will you take me back again

I promise Lord I'll do your will, oh Lord I can't make it on my own
He said ,my child I'll be with you and you'll never walk alone

So now she lives her life only for the Lord and the Bible is her drug
For he has shown her that she is, truly worthy of his love

His light shines thru her every day and to all she meets she tells
How he brought her out of hell on earth and now she's drinking from his well.

                ęby Gloria Collins-8-27-06 

                         Dedicated to my friend                       
            Mary Edwards      
                      Who after 12 year of drugs               

                  gave her life to the Lord.