The children's home

we are the children without any home's
no mommy's and daddy's to call our own.
no kisses and hugs, no stories at night.
no one to love us, or hold us real tight.

we want, somebody to love us, just like their own
it's not our fault, that we have no home.
some of our parents, we're very bad
they hit us and hurt us and made us so sad.

some parents died and we had no where else to go
this home, is the only place that we know.
some of us have brothers and sisters too,
they may get adopted , there's nothing we can do.

we are just children, who are now wards of the state.
we sit in this home and we wish and we wait
for someone to come and give us a home
a new mom and dad so we won't be alone.

maybe it's you, or a friend that you know.
who needs someone like me, to love them so.
we're sitting here waiting so lost and alone
please won't you come and give us a home.

written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins
Dec 2007.

dedicated to all the children
in children homes everywhere