As she sat under the shade of the old tree,
did she sit dreaming of a family?
did she dream of the babe's, she'd hold in her arms?
did she dream of a lover and all of his charm?
did she dream of a different life far away?
or was she dreaming of nothing at all,
but that bright summer day?

was she deep in wonder, about what she would be?
oh if only, the future she could see.
would it be filled with love and laughter and fun,
would she have any children, daughters or sons?
she could never imagine, what life had in store,
so she sat and she dreamed and dreamed some more.

yes she was a dreamer and she dreamed so big ,
but oh at the wonderful life she did live.
she didn't have riches or fancy things,
she never cherished gold or diamond rings.
but she felt she was rich right up to the end,
because she had the love of her family and friends.

In loving memory of my mom

Agnes Buie Reynolds