This is just my view of
The life of Jesus Christ
In my own words

How can you look into these eyes
and not feel blessed and loved

Once upon a time in a land far away, a little child was born on a cold winter's night,
 his parents had traveled so far from home, and when they arrived at the town,
they found their was no room in the inn for them to sleep,
But the inn keeper said you are welcome to stay in the stables
with the animals, at least you will be warm. that night while laying in the stables,
Mary gave birth to her child, she wrapped him in swaddling clothes
and laid him down in a bed made out of hay, Mary knew he was special,
for an angel had come to her months ago, and said God has a plan for you Mary.
you will become with child, it will be a boy child and his name will be Jesus,
for he will be the son of God,

Now Mary was a virgin and engaged to be married to Joseph,
she was a little hesitant, but the angel said every thing would be fine.
So Mary agreed to do the Lords bidding,
as she worshiped him dearly, and always tried to live by his word.
So Mary a virgin, became with child and
every one told Joseph that she had did him wrong and she should be stoned.
But an angel had come to Joseph and told him that Mary was still a virgin
and that the child she was caring was the son of God.
So Joseph told them that he loved Mary
and he would become her husband, no matter what they thought.

And so it was, and this child was born
and he grew to take up Joseph's trade as a carpenter,
but a lot was in store for this child.
As he grew older he began to preach about the Lord,
and people would stop and listen
to this young boy who knew so much about the Lord.
and the more he grew, the more he preached
and the more followers he had.
 and he began to show them miracles,

He walked upon the water, He caused the blind to see,
He healed the sick, and He made the lame to walk again
Over and over he showed them things that no earthly man could do,
and some believe in him but there were others who didn't.
his followers loved him and were eager to be taught by him,
but there were many that wanted to curse him for things he did
but Jesus knew what the Father wanted him to do, and he was an obedient son
 and would always do what he was told by the Father

at the age of 33 Jesus knew that he must die to save the world from sin,
He prayed to the Father in the garden late one night
and said Father is there any other way, can this cup be taken from me,
but after much praying he said Father your will not mine be done
And the non believers captured him and had a mock trail
 and decided he should be crucified.

so they made him carry his own cross down the streets of the town
and up to the hill as they beat him and spit on him and cursed at him
Then once on the hill they nailed him to the cross by his hands and feet,
and laughed and cursed him, and they mocked him.
saying if you truly be the Son of God come down from there
and show us that you are the Son of God, and not just a man
but instead he chose to stay on that cross
and die for the sinners of the world,

 three days later he arose from the grave,
For no grave could ever hold the Son of God.
 For he dwells in heaven with the Father
and one day, he will return to clam his people.

by Gloria Collins