Thinking Of Mom

Every since you were a little girl God shed his grace on you,
And his holy light shined thru you, in everything you'd do.

You grew in to a loving mother and you're children were your sun,
You loved and taught and cared for them, each and everyone.

They grew up knowing that on your love, they could depend upon,
And they still find their strength in you, even though you're gone.

It has been almost six long years, since the day you went away,
But mama sometimes it almost seems, like it was yesterday.

I just wanted to say to you, although you can no longer hear,
You were the sunshine of my life and I still wish that you were here.

But each day I go on, for I know that's what you would want me to do,
And I dream of the day, I can go to heaven sweet mother and see you.

But for now all the memories that we made will ease my pain,
But oh my sweet mama, life without you will never be the same.

In Memory Of My Mom
Agnes ( Buie ) Reynolds

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