This One's For Maggie


It's been 18 years my little one since we had to say goodbye
But please my little Maggie don't let it bring tears to your eyes
I hope you know that all though years while I was on the road,
Spent traveling long hours with load after load.
All I wanted was to be at home and watch you play
But I had to make a living day after day.
Every time I left in the window I would see
My sweet little Maggie giving a thumbs up sign to me
So I knew that you would be safe and alright.
As I headed down the road again out of site.
But here in heaven I have a perfect view
Of your mama the kids ,mike and you
I can watch over you and make sure you are alright
So my Maggie here's wishing you a good night
So stand at that window tonight and you'll see
A thumbs up sign up in heaven from me.

written For
Margaret Pike
I know you're daddy's watching Margaret
And he knows you love him.

By Gloria Collins                                  HOME