To Keep Us Free

Our soldiers they are dieing so young today it seems,
Some never get to live, to act upon their dreams.

They proudly serve their country, the good old USA,
That was true so long ago and still it's true today.

They put their lives out on the line, everyday for you and I.
And sadly everyday some of them have to die

It seems like this old war will never come to an end,
So each and everyday pray it does my friend.

pray for all of those who fight to set us free,
Pray for all their loved ones, their friends and families.

Proudly display our colors, the Red, White and the Blue .
To let them know we're proud of everything they do.

So thanks to all of you, who protect this great big land,
It's because of all you do that America still stands.

I salute you everyone, for everything you do,
may God send a thousand angels, to watch over each of you.

For all of the people that fight to keep us free,
Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard
and National Guards.


By Gloria Collins 7-16-06                                 HOME