when death comes knocking on your door

let me tell you death it will come for everyone, you see
and it doesn't matter if it's for you or for me
for when death does come knocking, upon your door
my friend it is a call ,that just can't be ignored.

but if you live for Jesus ,you'll go to heaven my friend
or if not in hell, all eternity you will spend.
and I'd rather spend eternity in a beautiful place
then to ever have to look, at that old devils face.
so when death does coming knocking on my door

I know I'll be living with my lord forever more.
cause I'd rather have Jesus then silver or gold,
and this is one soul the devil will never control.
so when death knocks for you what will you do ?
which one will it be my friend, heaven or hell for you ?

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by Gloria Collins 7-9-2006           HOME