A Message For Cathy

Dear Cathy... let God hold you dear
let Him hold you when you cry
sometimes He takes our loved ones home
but, we can't understand just why.

I know it hurts right now my friend
I have lost many loved ones too
But, Jesus has them safe with Him
where they wait for me and you.

Your Grandma is in your heart sweet girl
where you can treasure her memory so sweet
and I can bet she is thinking of you
as she sits at Jesus' feet!

Do you know that Jesus counts your tears
and He cares so very much for you
To Him you are so very special...
and when you hurt, He hurts too!

Your heart may take some time to mend
but, you know... that is ok
and when we need God's help the most
He carries us each step of the way!

Lean on God, Let Him hold you tight
I wish I knew what else to say...
for He's the only one who can heal
and help ease those pains away.

(May 11, 2006)

From Susan
~Member of LLMG~
I wish I had known your grandma
I am sure she was very sweet
and that God needed her for
something VERY SPECIAL!
I know LLMG will miss her too!!!
We love you!