a mother's love

there is a tiny little life, living inside of me .
I sit and count the days, till it's tiny face I can see.
my love for it is more ,then any love I felt before.
I can hardly wait to hold ,this one that I adore.

my hopes and dreams for this little one,
is love and joy, peace and fun.
I just want it to be healthy, my little daughter or my son.
all I know is my heart belongs, to this precious little one.

I have carried you inside of me ,a miracle in it self,
just having you to love, is worth more then, any of life's wealth..
so until that time my precious little one ,when I can hold you tight
just know that mommy loves you, and dreams of you each night.

written for my nieces
Jennifer and Jessica
for the up coming births
of their babies, in Feb and July 2008

poem written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins
Dec.  2007


LOGAN NATHANIAL GOMEZ                                                                
WAS BORN--- 1-27-2008                                                         
AT --5:59 PM                                                              
5 LBS-14OZS--19 1/2 INCHES                                                                

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