Hello, my name is Gloria Collins. I was born in Tampa ,Florida in 1952.
  we traveled around  a lot while I was young, and lived in several Florida towns.
  but Lakeland, Florida has been my home since 1973.
I am the 6th child of my mothers 8 children I have 6 sisters and 1 brother.
and i have 3 sisters and 1 brother from my birth father.
I also have a sister by my step fathers previous marriage,
who I am just getting to know after 64 years. but  I already love her
as much as I do my other siblings.

I am 68 years old, and the mother of two beautiful Daughters, 
April, age 48 and Krystal 42. The Grandmother of seven wonderful grandkids,
   Michael age 31,  Sonya 30, Cheyenne,  25, Brian  22, Kergin 22 ,Kaitlyn 21 Nick19,
a great grand son Nathan riley Harrison age 10 .
an a great grand daughter Everlee Quinn Johns,
and one great grand child on the way.

in 2004 my husband  and I adopted ,our great nephew lane,
 he is now 16 years Old, we have, had him since he was 7 weeks old
 being a mom at my age is not as easy as it was when my girls Were 
young, but I thank God for my son, and love Being his mommy,

I have a wonderful husband  named Tim, who is the love Of my life.
  We have been married For 29 Years. I never knew what true love was
 till I met him. The first day we met, I knew I wanted to marry him, 
and I thank the Lord everyday  for sending him to me.

I love to write, I write poetry, stories ,and song lyrics.
 I write mostly about my family and Friends, 
but also about things that touch my heart ,or inspire me.
I write about what the Lord has done for me, and how Much I love Him. 
 I hope by reading my poetry, it will Inspire people to find the Lord.
 or if they have strayed, hopefully They will find their way back to Him.
I hope you enjoy my writings ,and if you would, please sign my guest book
before you leave.   

may God always bless you,
 and keep you in his care always

Gloria Collins
webmaster and poet

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