A Child Is Born

The Angel said Mary, you will bring forth a child
But Mary was a virgin, so meek and so mild
Still she loved her God and anything he asked she'd done
So she would bring forth a child, who'd be God's only son


She was to marry Joseph and become his wife
She knew having this child would change both of their lives
Then the Angel came to visit Joseph in his sleep
He said you promised to wed Mary ,that promise you'll keep.


He awoke in the morning and did what he was told
So goes the story of this Christ child of old.
He was born in a manger, on a bed made of straw
The animals and Angels, looked on in awe.


the Christ child is born, let Heaven and Earth sing
For Salvation to all ,is what he does bring.
The story has been told, though out all of time
Of the child born in the Manger ,the Christ child divine.

 By Gloria Collins- 12-13-2005