A cry for help


A little girl came over to my house one day,
A friend of my daughterís who wanted to play.
As she played for a while, I could tell she was sad,
Then I heard her tell my daughter, my daddy treats me so bad.

He makes me so scared I donít know what to do,
But I feel much better now that Iím talking to you.
He touches me places, you know down below,
Even when I cry and try to say no.

He hollers at me and gives me a slap,
And Iím just so little that I canít fight back.
He says donít bother to tell mommy what heís done,
Cause she loves him so much, she wonít believe anyone.

To her heís so nice, candy and flowers he buys,
He said if I tell her sheíll think that I lie.
As I stood there listening ,to that little girl of four.
My tears fell down like a river on the floor.

I reached down and hugged her and said, I believe what you say.
Iíll go with you now  and weíll talk to your mommy today.
Iím sure that she loves you and wouldnít want you to be sad.
And nobody should hurt you not even your dad.


Please listen to the cries for help.
These children need someone to stand up to their 
abusers for them
. Please donít let their cries go unheard.

© by Gloria Collins    2/17/04