A Daddy's Secret

It started long ago you see
When I was a little girl upon his knee.
He told me things he shouldn't have
And did things to me that were very bad.

Things I had forgotten for many years
Now coming back and bringing tears.
He said he loved me and it was alright
and I was little and couldn't fight.

He was my dad what did I know
He'd punish me if I didn't go.
He said little girls are meant to do
Just what their daddy's told them to.

I'd lay alone and pray at night
Please God, don't let him come tonight.
I grew older and I felt so alone
I tried to forget what went on at home.

If I told my mom what he did
It would break her heart, I couldn't live.
she's all I have and I love her so
Please help me God, Don't let her know.

The years have passed, he's gone away
The memories haunt me more each day.
They flood my mind and bring me pain.
I fear sometimes I'll go insane.

He hurt me bad and I'll never know why
How could my daddy make me cry.

By Gloria Collins 3/2/00

Child abuse and incest are a very real problem.
 Please teach your children how to protect themselves.  
Listen when they speak and don't take their words lightly. 
Teach them to trust in you and come to you with any problem.