A December Afternoon

The day the Master came to get her,
Was a December afternoon.
All her loving children,
Were gathered in her room.

I don't know what he said to her,
Or what she said to Him.
I just know that she was tired,
And wanted it to end.

She said that He'd been calling her,
For months she'd told me so.
I guess that day He called her,
She couldn't tell Him no.

So she left that broken body,
Lying lifeless on the bed,
But before she left for heaven,
I felt her kiss me on the head.

It has been a year now,
Since we all gathered in her room.
Everyday I still think about,
That December afternoon.

I really miss you mama,
More than I can say.
But the love we shared together,
Will last forever and a day.

So sleep my beautiful angel,
For you deserve the rest.
Of all the mothers in the world,
I know we had the best.

I will always love you mom.

This was written in memory of my mother: 
Agnes Juanita "Buie" Reynolds. 
She went to be with our Lord on 12/21/00
She fought a hard battle, but the Lord thought that 
her battle should end so He took her sword and shield 
and gave her a halo and golden wings instead.  
Then said, "Rest now my child, the battle has now been won.

By Gloria Collins  
top picture was created by
gloria collins