A Friendship Without End

Friends we have been,
 For so long it seems.
You know my every heartache, 
You know my every dream.

There's nothing we can't talk about 
For you know that I'll be there.
To listen and to comfort 
And show you that I care.

I know you'll do the same for me, 
That's what friendship's all about.
I know ours will last forever, 
Of that I have no doubt.

You are my friend of yesterday, 
Today and tomorrow.
You've been with me through laughter,
 Heartache, pain and sorrow.

I just wanted you to know 
How very much you're loved.
And that I think you're a gift to me, 
Sent from God above.

I love you my friend,
 and it's a love that will never end.
For Carrie, my dearest and best friend.

by Gloria Collins