Mark Fivecoate

A small little church in a southern town
Where love for the Lord inside can be found.
With a Sunday service preached at eleven
A service that will make you feel you're in heaven.

Mark Fivecoate the preacher, the best in the state
He's always on time, He's never late.
He has a love for the Lord and all that He's done
To save him from the hell that he tried to outrun.

The drugs and the alcohol, he gave it all up
Just to answer the call and drink from God's cup.
I would like to invite you to Agape outreach center
Where God works thru Mark to save the souls of sinners.

But if Agape's too far here's what you can do
Get down on your knees and say, Oh Lord I love you.
Won't you come into my heart tonight
Take away all of my wrong and make it all right.

I'm sorry I sinned and denied you my heart
Take away my old life and let a new one start.
For no matter the church, no matter the town
On your knees to the Lord is where salvation can be found.

by Gloria Collins