When Agnes was a little girl
She knew right from the start.
She was the apple of her daddy's eye
Her smile could melt his heart.

All to soon God called him home
And it made young Agnes cry.
Alone at night she prayed to God
For Him to tell her why.

Her mama was always sick
And her little brother too.
So Agnes always tried to do
The best that she could do.

She washed clothes,cooked the meals
And cared for little brother.
For even in those younger years
She was the perfect mother.

The years passed by and she grew up
And had children of her own.
She gave them all the love she had
And made for them a home.

Soon all of Agnes's family
Had all been called back home.
Her children were all grown up
And she felt so all alone.

Her body it grew tired
God knew she needed rest.
So He put His arms around her
And said "This is for the best".

Her earthly days are over
Her body now lays at rest.
Her soul shines bright in heaven
Cause she passed the master's test.

In loving memory of
my mom 
Agnes Buie Reynolds.

By Gloria Collins