A Jealous Sister

You held a spot in mama's heart,
that only you could fill.
Sometimes I felt that mama's love,
For only you was real.

All my life I was jealous of you,
Because of the love you had,
It put a hole inside my heart,
And made me feel so sad.

You were mama's baby girl,
A spot you took from me.
And I was always wishing,
It was me on mama's knee.

I watched as she would hold you
And rock you in her arms,
Knowing you felt safe,
She'd protect you from all harm.

I know now that mama loved us all,
A fact I didn't back then,
And I hope you can forgive me
And we can start to mend.

You will always be mama's baby girl,
The one upon her knee,
But I am no longer that jealous little girl
I was when I was three.

I love you little sis.
Written for Lydia "B. Bud" Bozeman
My one and only little sis.

By Gloria Collins 6/26/03