Poetry By Gloria                                                                  

A Lady Named Liberty

A crown on her head and a torch in her hand.
This lady named Liberty watches over our land.
She stands in the harbor welcoming those who pass by.
She has love in her heart for the American skies.

She stands for freedom and justice for all.
She lift's up her torch proudly and tall.
On September eleventh, two thousand and one.
She stood in the harbor like she'd always done.

She watched as disaster filled the American skies.
She wanted to run, she wanted to cry.
She knew there were people dying and hurt.
They were under the metal, concrete and dirt.

She knew that the families were left there to grieve.
They would need her to lean on to help them believe.
That life could go on after that terrible day.
If Jesus they'd call on and to Him they would pray.

So she stands in the harbor with her torch raising high.
Till Jesus comes back from His home in the sky.
This lady named Liberty so stately and tall.
She stands in the harbor and watches us all.

By Gloria Collins  9/20/01