A Letter To Mom

There are things about my life I know nothing about.
Things that were kept from me, that I'll never find out.
I wish I could talk to you mom, just to hear you say,
"Now don't you worry honey, every thing will be okay."

 If I only would have asked you mom, before you went away,
Would you have told me the truth, of what happened on that day?
The day that I was born should have been a happy time,
But lies were started that day, that still pray upon my mind.

I know that I was loved by you, A Fact I'll never doubt,
I just wish you could have told me just how I came about.
The man that raised me, I called dad, I loved him very dear.
But I know he wasn't the one, who was the reason I was here.

I wish you could have trusted that I would understand,
I guess the truth about me was never in your plan.
No one really understood mom, just how it made me feel.
To know the life I was living was never really real.

I felt I was a stranger, living deep inside my soul,
I never felt the warmth, but I always felt the cold.
I still look into the mirror and wonder when I see,
That face inside the mirror, is his person really me?

My childhood I can't remember, even to this very day,
I only remember the pain, that wouldn't go away.
I pray to God to help me to live this life of mine, 
Cause I'll never know the answers to ease my troubled mind.

By Gloria Collins