Poetry By Gloria                                                                                  

A Little Girls prayer

The Little girl sat and her bible she read.
Then she folded her hands and bowed her head.
She said, "Dear Jesus, I know that I'm just a little girl,
But there's so much pain in this great big world.

Would you hold my hand so I won't be scared,
My mommy says you love me, and that you really care.
She says you're really big, but still you'll fit in my heart,
And if I trust in you we'll never part.

She says even if I'm bad, you'll love me anyway,
And we can start over again, just like it was another day.
Please Dear Jesus, won't you listen as I sit here on my knees,
And watch over me Jesus, I beg of you please!

And would you watch over my mommy and daddy too,
Cause if it wasn't for them, I would have never met you."


By Gloria Collins