Poetry By Gloria                                                              


Some call her America the beautiful, Land of the free.
From sea to shining sea.
Some call her America, Land of the brave,
Where all over this nation, for freedom lives were were gave.

 No matter what we call her, she's standing ever tall.
This great nation America, will never fall.
From coast to coast, all across this land,
American people are taking a stand. 

We'll defend our country, no matter the cost,
Our pride and our freedom will not be lost.
We'll stand our ground firm and raise our flags high.
And the red, white and blue will never die.

 The lady in the harbor will forever stand,
and an old cracked bell, will ring across this land.
America the beautiful is taking no crap,
If you cross our shores we won't hold back.

 The eagle is flying, she's watching our skies,
She'll not let another of her babies die.
So Husain or Bin Ladin or who ever you are,
If you cross her border you won't get very far.

 The eagle will be watching, the flag will be flying,
What ever you're selling, we're not buying.
Sticks and stones are not what we're made of,
America the beautiful, is made out of Love.

By Gloria Collins 8/8/02