A Message To Mama 

Mama I miss you and I wish I could see,
Your smiling face looking aback at me.
I miss our long talks we had on the phone,
I go to stop by but I know you're not home.

My body it aches for the touch of your hand,
Sometimes it's more than my heart can stand.
I wish you could come and sit down by my side.
Wipe away from my eyes the tears I have cried.

But you cannot come to me, this I do know,
So this pain in my heart continues to grow.
The only thing that helps is at night when I dream,
I can hear your sweet voice as to me you do sing

Sometimes in the mirror I think that I see,
Your beautiful face starring at me.
It seems like yesterday we said goodbye,
The thought of that day still makes me cry.

It's almost two years since the day that you died.
But the pain in my heart will never subside.
You may not be here, but gone you'll never be.
As long as I live, your memory's in me.

I love you mom. 
By Gloria Collins    


by Gloria Collins