A Modern Day Florence Nightingale


She is a modern day Florence nightingale,
Taking care of the sick, hoping they will get well.

She spends her time, between them and her home ,
For days at a time having to leave her husband alone.

She's so good with the people, so he doesn't mind,
that a couple of days a week she leaves him behind.

He knows that it's a calling from the good lord above,
And he's secure in his marriage and with her he's in love.

She's a wonderful person and as sweet as can be,
And we all really love, her especially me.

This is for you Carrie,
I just wanted to say how special I think you are.
You have a great gift in helping the sick,
to stand beside someone and console them
as they are making their journey to the Lord,
is not an easy thing to do,
but I think that is what the Lord has given you as a gift.
A comforter to the sick.
Hang in there girl and God bless you.

By Gloria Collins 7/2/05