Poetry By Gloria                                                                            

A Mother's Plea

My daughter she is missing, won't someone hear my cries,
She's been gone fourteen years and no one can tell me why.
Her job they called to say she never arrived that day.
Although she was last seen headed that way.

Did someone grab her and hurt my little girl,
Or is she dazed and confused, lost out in this world.
I need to know the answers, God let this nightmare end.
Give me the strength Oh Lord, this battle please let me win.

Won't someone out there help to bring my daughter home,
And ease a mother's pain and let me know I'm not alone.
I've written a petition to get her story aired I'd like for you to sign,
Just know that my love and teardrops are woven in each and every line.

Dedicated to the family of a missing person
Gayle Marks, missing since Oct. 18, 1988 from Stockton CA.
5' 4" - 110 lbs.  age at disappearance 18.

Information Call: Stockton Police Department 
209-937-8323 or 209-937-8377

To read Gayle's story and sign a petition to help get her story aired 
on a TV show such as Montel Williams, Please go

Please pray for Gayle's mother Sue Kizer 
And her older sister Anne 
That they may find peace and the answers they so badly need. 
 Gayle you have not been forgotten.  
Your family and friends will always love you.

by Gloria Collins  
April, 2004