take time to watch as the pictures change

another Christmas in heaven

mama I can't believe its been eight years,
since you went to be with Jesus.
it seems just like yesterday.
I can still remember your smile,
the way you laughed at things so hard,
until sometimes you cried.
I remember the smell of your hair,/
and your beautiful eyes,oh how they sparkled.

I wish I could have seen your face mom,
the day you finally got to meet Jesus.
the sparkle in your eyes that day,
must have out shined the sun.
as he took you into his arms and said,
I've been waiting on you,
welcome home my child,

oh how beautiful heaven must be mama,
and now it must shine even brighter,
since you are there.
and I know when you seen tootsie,
walking around on her new legs, in heaven.
you must have beamed with joy.
I know how much you missed her.
oh what a reunion that must have been.

this Christmas mama, put a candle in your
mansion window, so I can look up and see it,
I know it will shine like the north star.
and I won't be sad mama, I will rejoice,
I know that you are in a better place ,
and one day my sweet lady, I'll be there with you.
so merry Christmas mama, and tell Jesus
happy birthday for me,

I will love you always
your daughter

in memory of my beautiful mom
Agnes Juanita (Buie) Reynolds
who went to be with our lord

written and copyrighted by
Gloria Collins