Another Christmas Without Mama


Mama loved this time of year, Christmas songs all through the air
And people shopping for their presents, free from all their cares

She loved to read the story of our savior and His birth,
Because it made her realize just how much she was worth

Because Jesus came unto this earth to die for folks like she and I
And I know that she gave thanks to Him, until the day she died.

I can only imagine , when she walked though heaven's gates
To look upon the face of Jesus she could hardly wait.

He gave her life, He gave her love and eight children for her to raise.
And every day of her life she gave Him all the praise.

Well here it is again mom you're favorite time of year
And since the day you left ,I have shed  ten billion tears.

But I know you're in a better place and peace to me that brings .
So peace on earth good will to men, let the angels sing.

I miss you mama
forever your # 6 daughter
Gloria Collins

  By Gloria Collins