Poetry By Gloria                                                                 

A Place Called heaven


  Jesus is living, He's with me today.
He did not die, He arose from the grave.
He gave His life so mine might be saved.
But it was just flesh that died there that day.
His spirit lived on long after the grave,
And it's still within me, living today.
I know He walks with me each step of the way.

The flesh it is weak and it will grow old.
But the soul it's more precious than silver or gold.
The flesh it will die and turn into dust.
But the soul lives forever, if in Him we do trust.
I want my soul to fly with wings way up high.
To be with my Jesus when this old flesh dies.

He promised me a place where no pain enters in.
And the ones who've gone on, I'll see them again.
A beautiful place not seen by the flesh.
A wonderful garden to sit in and rest.
Crystal filled streams and golden sand.
Unseen by the eyes of mortal man.

  by Gloria Collins