A Trip To The Zoo

lane and Gabby had been so bored ,it had been raining everyday,
for so long and they had been cooped up in the house it seemed
like forever, then finally the rain stopped,
and the sun began to shine
Lane was so excited, finally he and Gabby could go outside and play
but Lanes mommy had other plans ,she said how would you like to
go to the zoo, and see all the animals. lane shouted with joy,
can we really mommy that would be so much fun, wouldn't it Gabby.
Gabby just smiled and Lane knew she was happy too.

so off they went to the zoo, the trip there so long, at least it seemed
like it to Lane ,but maybe because he was just so excited to go.
he loved the animals ,he had been to the zoo before but it would be
Gabby's first time and Lane knew she would love it too.
finally they pulled into the zoo's parking lot, Lane said look gabby ,
there are so many people here, make sure you stay close to me .
Gabby smiled at Lane ,but really she was a little scared,
she thought to herself what it I get lost,
what if lane drops me and can't find me,
Lane must have sensed Gabby's fear, because he hugged her tight
and said, don't worry Gabby, I won't let anything happen to you.
now lets go see those animals ,and into the zoo they went.

once they where inside the zoo, what a great time they had .
Lane said look Gabby, there is a bear, Gabby looked and she
saw the biggest bear she had ever seen, I wonder if he is
related to me, she thought to herself, then Lane was off again.
over to the tiger's cage he ran, wow what big teeth they have
said Lane I bet they are mean ,
but it's ok Gabby I won't let him get you, and he hugged her tighter.
lane's mommy said, would you like to get something to eat.
then we will go see the monkeys,ok said Lane I am hungry
and so is Gabby, his mommy laughed and said ok then,
lets go get you two something to eat.

after they ate, Lane was ready to go see the monkeys.
he was amazed at how they could swing by their tails.
and peel banana's with their toes.
soon it was getting late and mommy said it was time to go.
Lane was a little disappointed but mommy said we can come back
again another time.
on the ride home lane ask Gabby if she like the zoo and Gabby 
smiled at him like she always does, and thought to herself
I am just glad that I have such a best friend to share this day with.
she snuggled up to Lane and they fell asleep on the way home
mommy looked and then and smiled as she thought to herself.
I bet they are dreaming of the next adventure they will have.

The End